VW Transporter – former customs car

IG Camper van

VW Transporter

Another project of ours:
The customer delivered a car that was used for customs. Our task is to turn a customs car into a camper, suitable living in the mountains. Nowing weather in the mountains can be freezing, this car is made for sleeping at -10.
Saving the budget we converted the old furniture into furniture for the camper. We installed functional, integrated and adapted to live in the mountains. The roof was installed two years ago. The awning was put up last year.

And this year we additionally installed:

- Solar panels to generate electricity high up in the mountains. Solar batteries 450w with a large reserve
- Three layers of insulation added additionally
- 220V external electrical input;
- Charger DC12V – 220V
- Additional space for a spare battery alongside with 100 Ah battery
- Former electrical equipment was dismantled